Brian William Ogle

Contemporary Classical Composer

Vocal/Keyboardist Brian William Ogle aka Bryan Vamp or Bryan V has been performing and writing music in various styles since 1987. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he currently performs at various establishments throughout the North Eastern Unites States and Canada. He has previously earned a Music degree from Indiana University, and is the composer of several Modern Classical compositions, including works for solo instruments, string quartet, chorus, mixed ensemble, and orchestra.
DMA University of Memphis 2002
M.M Indiana University 1994
BM. Potsdam College 1992


Piano Sonata

String Quartet

Clarinet Quintet

Clarinet Solo

Clarinet and Percussion

Horn and Piano

Guitar Solo

Song Cycle

Choral works (4)

Orchestral Symphony

woodwind trio
Pianosongs Vol 1, 2

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