Bryan V.

cec5d854-ee3a-4627-a977-49baf52afdbeMusician (singer, keyboardist, one man band. ) genres: Pop, Rock. 1960-present day.

Keyboardist Brian William Ogle aka Bryan V. has been performing and writing an array of music in multiple styles. He currently performs at  venues and establishments throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region, having previously earned degrees in Music from Crane, Jacobs and Scheidt Schools of Music. He has written over thirty Modern Classical works, including a Symphony, a String Quartet, Various Choral pieces, a Saxophone Quartet, and a Song Cycle.


Song List

  1. Moon Dance-Van Morrison

  2. Brown-Eyed Girl-Van Morrison

  3. Don’t Stop Believing-Journey

  4. House of the Rising Sun-Animals

  5. Born to Be Wild-Steppenwolf

  6. Monster Mash-Bobby Pickett

  7. Light My Fire-Doors

  8. Ticket to Ride-Beatles

  9. Let It Be-Beatles

  10. Dear Prudence-Beatles

  11. Yesterday-Beatles

  12. Hey Jude-Beatles

  13. Locomotive Breath-Jethro Tull

  14. Another Brick Wall-Pink Floyd

  15. Run Like HellPink Floyd

  16. Teen Spirit-Nirvana

  17. Sunday Bloody Sunday-U2

  18. New Year’s Day-U2

  19. Free Bird-Lynyrd Skynyrd

  20. Lazarus-David Bowie

  21. White Room-Cream

  22. Sunshine of Your Love-Cream

  23. Until I Fall Away-Gin Blossoms

  24. The Seeker-The Who

  25. Only Good Die Young-Billy Joel

  26. Piano Man-Billy Joel

  27. Still RocknRoll to Me-Billy Joel

  28. Blessed-Elton John

  29. Boys Don’t Cry-The Cure

  30. The Passenger-Iggy Pop

  31. Little Red Riding Hood-Sam the Sham

  32. Superstition-Stevie Wonder

  33. Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix

  34. Country Roads-John Denver

  35. Imagine-John Lennon

  36. Burning Down House-Talking Heads

  37. Every Breath you Take-Police

  38. Because The Night-Springsteen

  39. Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones

  40. Kashmir-Led Zeppelin